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Citizen Media Spotlights

Launching a Nonprofit
News Site

Sep. 29, 2010

There's been an explosion in the number of nonprofit news sites, and now you're considering joining this exciting movement. This new module sets out to identify the hurdles you'll face and guide you through the process of creating a nonprofit newsroom. Even if you ultimately decide that you want to create a for-profit business, you'll find some useful tips in this module.
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One Year In and Ahead of Schedule

Jun. 10, 2010

2009 New Voices grantee Oakland Local recently released a report on the progress made since receiving funding one year ago. In the seven months since their launch, Oakland Local has produced more than 3,000 stories, blog posts and photo galleries from 52 contributors.
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Outside-the-Box Community Engagement

Jun. 9, 2010

A new module by Dave Poulson, editor of Engaging readers is why your online news community exists. You can't use the wisdom of the crowds if the crowd isn't talking. Without fast and substantive engagement, you might as well publish a newspaper. So when you build it and they don't come, what do you do, short of waiting?
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 New Research

Nov. 9, 2009


New Forms of Journalism Emerge in New Media Ecosystem

New forms of journalism are being created around the country where online local news sites have launched to report on their communities. The journalism is characterized by a deliberate shift in the definition of objectivity, a drive for community conversation and discussion and broader definitions of "news" that seek to connect readers to a sense of the place where they live.
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