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2007 Grantee Updates

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Chappaqua, NY

Bringing Home the Bacon, August 2008
57 Contributors and Counting ..., March 2008
What do we want? New Castle News! When? Now!, November 2007

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Vermont Climate Witness

Burlington, VT

Collaborations Help Create Climate Content, July 2009
Stormy Weather, February 2009
Ripening, August 2008
Beta Testing 1-2-3 ..., March 2008
Can I get a Witness?, November 2007

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Cambridge, MA

Robust Contributions from Citizen Journalists Pave the Way for New Web Site Design, August 2009
Blogging From the Backyard, August 2008
Building Skills and Community, March 2008
Lights! Camera! InterAction!, November 2007

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Greater Fulton News

Richmond, VA grows into the future, August 2009
Citizen Journalism - Citizen Action , August 2008
Building Capacity for Change, March 2008
Fulton: Full Steam Ahead, November 2007

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The Eminent Domain

Brooklyn, NY

Eminent Domain Poised to Resume Publication, July 2009
Power to the People, August 2008
Information is Power at The Eminent Domain, March 2008
The Eminent Domain: Building Power and a Livable New York, November 2007

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Bilingual Interactive Environmental Journalism

Reno, NV

Living La Vida Tahoe, August 2008
Nevando en Nevada (Snowing in Nevada), March 2008
Bilingual News: The Fire Next Time, November 2007

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Saint Paul City Newsdesk

St. Paul, MN

Show Time: A Public Premiere, August 2008
SPNNing into Control, March 2008
Some Static on this Set, November 2007

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Anansi’s Web

Gary, IN

Caught in Anansi’s Web, August 2008
LOCAL Parentis: Youth Bring the Peace Out, March 2008
Neo-News: Can You Hear Me Now? Not Yet, November 2007

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News Desk on Access SF

San Francisco

Access SF Launches “The Street” Segments and Site, July 2009
Access SF: Gaining Momentum, August 2008
Turning the Beat Around: New People and New Partnerships for News Desk, March 2008
A Cable Access Project In Process, November 2007

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Northwest Community Radio Network Collaborative Newscast


Listen Up! To Radio Activity, August 2008
Hear Here!, April 2008
A New News Network for the Northwest, November 2007

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2006 Grantee Updates | 2005 Grantee Updates

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