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2009 Grantee Updates

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Oakland Local

Oakland, CA

One Year In and Ahead of Schedule, June 2010
Oakland Local Chugging Along , March 2010
Building strong partnerships with local organizations, October 2009

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Grand Ave News

Coral Gables, FL

Grand First Year for the Grand Avenue News, July 2010
Bringing a neighborhood together on and off line, October 2009

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Intersections: The South Los Angeles Reporting Project

Los Angeles, CA

Zoning in on Community Engagement Drives Web Traffic Explosion for South LA Site, January 2011
Intersections: No Stopping In Sight, May 2010
Increasing Traffic, Boosting Involvement, and Seeking Sustainability, March 2010
Addendum to first quarter J-Lab report, November 2009
Off to a good start, October 2009

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New Era Media

Boulder, CO

New Era Focuses on Return Visitors and Ad Sales, December 2010
New Era News Launches, Gets National Attention, May 2010

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Maryland School Information Mapping

Baltimore, MD

Mapping Project Continues on Course, June 2010
Maryland School Information Mapping Project Takes A Different Route, March 2010

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Detroit, MI Will Be Financially Viable Into 2013 , May 2011 Revamp Gets Results , November 2010
Grosse Pointe Today and Tomorrow, June 2010 Moving In the Right Direction , March 2010
Grosse Point Today Pleased With Modest Success, December 2009
Becoming part of the Grosse Pointe community, October 2009

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The Austin Bulldog

Austin, TX

Austin Bulldog’s Charging Ahead, June 2010
After success with the IRS, Austin Bulldog is ready to roll, December 2009
Learning to navigate the legal rapids to become a 501 (C)(3), October 2009

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