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New Voices Grantees

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2010 Grantees


Lincoln’s New Voices

Lincoln, NE
   • New Grants take Mosaic in New Directions, June 2011


Tipster at

East Hardwick, VT
   • Visit grantee page


River District News

Charlotte, NC
   • News Site to Inform, Engage River District Dwellers , April 2011


Essex County Community Media

Newark, NJ
   • Essex Voices Strives to Find its Voice, February 2011



San Jose, CA
   • Partnerships, Volunteers Boost NeighborWebSJ News Coverage , May 2011



Princeton, NJ
   • Boasts Steady Content after One Year, Digital Media Bootcamp Planned for Fall, June 2011


Morgan MoJo Lab

Baltimore, MD
   • Morgan MOJO Launches Beta Site, December 2010



Rockland, ME
   • Website Delays Allow for Behind-the-Scenes Progress, March 2011


Oregon Arts Watch

Portland, OR
   • Oregon Arts Watch Set to take Center Stage, May 2011

2009 Grantees


Oakland Local

Oakland, CA
   • One Year In and Ahead of Schedule, June 2010


Grand Avenue News

Coral Gables, FL
   • Grand First Year for the Grand Avenue News , July 2010


Intersections: South Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA
   • New Mobile and Social Media Strategy, June 2011


New Era Media

Boulder, CO
   • Social Media Fuels New Era Readers, June 2011


Maryland School Information Mapping

Towson, MD
   • Mapping Project Continues on Course, June 2010

Detroit, MI
   • Will Be Financially Viable Into 2013 , May 2011


The Austin Bulldog

Austin, TX
   • Bulldog’s Bark Corners Local Officials, June 2011

2008 Grantees [Miami-Whitewater Valley Public Media Project]

Oxford, OH
   • Mi-Whi Unveils Citizen Media Portal, July 2009


The Lexington Commons

Lexington, KY
   • Embracing the ‘By the People’ Model, November 2010 [Grass Roots: Digital Journalism in the Nation’s Birthplace of Aviation]

Kent, OH
   • “Stories That Fly” Continues On Course, More or Less, August 2010


Green Jobs Philly

Philadelphia, PA
   • Green Jobs Philly News Becomes A Switchboard for Greening Economy, July 2010


Immigration: The View from Here

Crested Butte, CO
   • Immigrants’ Journalism Flourishes, March 2009


VetVenue [Voices for Veterans]

Columbia, SC
   • Coming Soon: New Site Designed with Vet Feedback, July 2009


Family Life Behind Bars

New York, NY
   • Engaging an Offline Community, September 2009


The Appalachian Independent

Frostburg, MD
   • AppIndie slowly becoming “highly valued and much needed”, August 2009 [Cool State Online]

Los Angeles, CA
   • Cool State Spins to, June 2009


Voices of Rural Native Alaska

Anchorage, AK


2007 Grantees

Chappaqua, NY
   • Bringing Home the Bacon, August 2008


Vermont Climate Witness

Burlington, VT
   • Collaborations Help Create Climate Content, July 2009



Cambridge, MA
   • Robust Contributions from Citizen Journalists Pave the Way for New Web Site Design, August 2009


Greater Fulton News

Richmond, VA
   • grows into the future, August 2009


The Eminent Domain

Brooklyn, NY
   • Eminent Domain Poised to Resume Publication, July 2009


Nuestro Tahoe [Bilingual Interactive Environmental Journalism]

Reno, NV
   • Nuestro Tahoe Struggles with Sustainability, August 2009


Saint Paul City Newsdesk

St. Paul, MN
   • Show Time: A Public Premiere, August 2008


Anansi’s Web

Gary, IN
   • A Good Idea Still Struggling, November 2009


News Desk on Access SF

San Francisco
   • Access SF Launches “The Street” Segments and Site, July 2009


Northwest Community Radio Network Collaborative Newscast

   • Listen Up! Northwest Rides Strong Wave into its Second Year, August 2009


Community Correspondents Corps

Whitesburg, Ky.
   • If These Mountains Could Speak: Giving Voice to Appalachia, End of Year One: November 2007


Bay Voices [Ethnic News Service]

San Francisco
   • Ethnic News Service: Bay Voices Amplifies the Lives of Youth of Color, End of Year Two: October 2008


Chicago Talks

   • Community News for Chicago, City of Neighborhoods, End of Year Two: October 2008 [MURL Building Blocks]

   • Philadelphia Neighborhoods Adds New Editions in Four Communities, Follow-up: March 2012


Learning to Finish: Solution that Leads to Graduation

Charlottesville, Va.
   • Crossing the Finish Line, End of Year Two: October 2008


Route 7 Report

Athens, Ohio
   • Route 7 Report: Regular, Dependable, and Popular, End of Year Two: October 2008


Monroe County Radio Project

Morgantown, W.V.
   • Monroe County Radio: Creating a Buzz, End of Year Two: October 2008 [Great Lakes Wiki]

East Lansing, Mich.
   • A New Generation, End of Year Two: October 2008


Dutton Country Courier & [Rural News Network]

Missoula, Mont.
   • Keith Graham’s 10 Lessons Learned on how to Engage Community Members , October 2008


Trenton Policy Options

Princeton, N.J.
   • New Wiki Introduced, February 2009


The Forum

Deerfield, N.H.
   • Success Breeds Competition for The Forum, Final Report: October 2007


Radio Free Moscow’s KRFP News

Moscow, Idaho
   • Evening Report Informs Community of Breaking News and Big Issues, Final Report: October 2007


Hartsville Today

Hartsville, S.C.
   • After the Server Crashes, What Happens Next?, Update: October 2009


Noticias Tuyas

Hood River, Ore.


Loisaida Speaks

New York City
   • Podcasts, Projects and Partnerships in the Works for Loisaida Speaks, Final Report: October 2007


kaPow! Hip-Hop Site

Philadelphia, Pa.


Twin Cities Daily Planet

   • Builds Partnerships, Attracts Funding, Final Report: October 2007


Madison Commons

Madison, Wisc.
   • Madison Commons Reports Neighborhood News, Seeks More Contributors, Final Report: October 2007


Loudoun Forward

Loudoun County, Va.
   • Loudoun Forward Rethinks Outreach Strategy in Push for Public Discourse, Final Report: October 2007


North Lawndale Weblog

North Lawndale, Chicago
   • North Lawndale Weblog Looks to Extend Reach, Allow Multimedia Posts, Final Report: October 2007



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